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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So. Today my husband and I join a gym.
And I start a blog. All about my journey to lose weight, eat better, overall be healthier.
My husband started a blog. All about... his random thoughts. And I thought- I want a place to put my journey- the hills, the valleys, of my weight loss.
And if people read it, and maybe it helps someone other than me, awesome.

So today I join a gym and start a blog.

Maybe it won't be just about weight loss/ the journey of getting healthy. But mostly it will.

My starting weight: 214 pounds.
My starting activity level: slug-like
My starting eating habits: Junk-food-aholic.

Actually, today I had a good lunch. Veggies with lite Ranch dressing. Lite yogurt with granola.

And now I'm starving. So I'm probably going to get something to eat. To make it through the day, you know. And tomorrow I'll let you know how I ate, the experience of joining the gym, and the plan. The Paige Getting Healthy Plan.


At 7:47 PM, Blogger KMQ said...

Im Proud of you and i love you.


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