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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Reasons to....

I can think of two reasons NOT to lose weight:
1. I like food.
2. I'm lazy.

Clearly these are not good reasons to do anything, never mind remain as unhealthy and unfit as I currently am. So I am working on reasons why I should lose weight, why I WANT to lose weight (and I DO):
In no particular order
1. I don't like the way I look.
2. I'm not healthy.
3. My bras don't fit.
4. I weigh more than I have ever weighed.
5. I get winded climbing a flight of stairs.
6. I want to feel sexy again.
7. The pictures of me from a year and a half ago. After all that hard work.
8. I do NOT want to buy new clothes in a size I hate.
9. It sucks to aspire to be a 16. I used to run from 16s.
10. I refuse to have to buy a new fall/winter wardrobe in this huge size that I intend to never be again. What a waste of money.
11. I want to wear all the cute clothes I own in sizes 12-16.
12. I want to have to buy a new fall wardrobe, for next year, in like a size 10. That would be a GOOD use of money.
13. I don't want to have problems with getting pregnant. And I know excess weight doesn't help.
14. While pregnant, at some point, I want to avoid any unnecessary problems. This IS something I can control.
15. After I have kids, I want a healthy lifestyle. So I can keep up with them.
16. I'm tired of only having 6 outfits I can wear in public. Most of them not even are not flattering but still sorta kinda fit. Which is more than I can say for the rest of my voluminous wardrobe. (is that how you spell voluminous?)
17. I want to look cute in the Christmas pictures this year. Not like a marshmallow.
18. I want to beat my sister at our next bet. I can't keep buying her clothes.
19. Ann Taylor Loft. Enough said.
20. All the rest of the stores.

That's ten times the reasons to lose weight than not to. And the reasons to are much, much better.

The gym re-opens on Friday. I'll be there, with my bathing suit on. I'll get a copy of the class schedule. Go me. Till then... ??


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