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Saturday, September 03, 2005


I came to a... an insightful moment.
My weight is indirectly proportionate to my self esteem. Meaning, of course, that as my weight goes up my self-esteem goes down.
Huh. Now there's a weighty (no pun intended) thought. I think it's sad that sometimes I can't see the good in me- the good wife, friend, aunt, sister, daughter, and social worker that I am. I'm funny (sometimes), kind, always willing to give people a second chance. I'm smart and I am pretty. Even though I don't always believe that. Don't get me wrong- I'm not by any stretch perfect. I can be moody, bossy, unforgiving, and can make snap judgements. But I'm willing to admit those things about me and I work on them.
It's those things that are worth thinking about- focusing on. Not that I don't... need and want to focus on my weight. I need to- it's health related. But I wish that how much I weigh didn't have any effect on how I feel about myself.


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