Less of Paige

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I kind of got burnt on it all. I was writing all of my food in a food journal, plus putting it online so I could keep track of my calories. Keeping track of water drank, food, exchanges, calories, blogging.... it all got to be too much.
So I stopped. Blogging, journaling, etc. I am still eating the way I'm supposed to, for the very most part. There is less accountability, but also less stress. If I didn't stop something, I was going to be done altogether, and that is the last thing I want. Either the journaling went or everything went.
I gave myself two weeks. Two weeks "off" of journaling to see how goes it. Monday is my official check-in, and I'll reassess from there. If I've gained weight, I'm definately going back to journaling. If I've lost, probably not, for now at least. If I'm the same, I have to think about it.

But I have missed blogging. So here I am.


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