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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How's it Going?

So today is a week, just me and the ole DE, better know as the 'xchange in this here girls' life. I've been surviving on veggies and whole wheat pasta for one whole week. I've been trying to make healthy decisions, for one whole week.
I'm not starving. Not full, but not starving. I miss being full, sometimes, but only the comforting full, not the i'm-so-stuffed-I-could-puke full. I felt that full far too often, giving me the clear hint that I really have no concept of how much I actually should be eating. It's just that food tastes so. damn. good.
The 'xchange has lots of structure. Structure that I have no idea how to implement myself, but that seems to work for me. Regardless of weight, I do feel like I'm eating much healthier. Less sugar. Lots more fruits and veggies. More milk. A note on the milk, kind of. I've been eating yogurt (fruit flavored, low fat) with fresh fruit just about every day. I'll cut up some strawberries, wash some grapes, and mix with yogurt. Voila! Yogurt I can gag down! Counts as a milk!
Turns out? Not so much. Only plain yogurt counts as a milk. Flavored? Counts as three starches and 0-1 fat, depending on the sugar and fat content. Good GOD. No more yogurt para mi. The problem is? I don't like milk. If Shannon's still reading, she's gasping, cuz she LOVES milk. When she was pregnant, the doctor told her she had to drink LESS milk. I don't get it. I can drink milk in one of two ways: chocolate milk, and milk in a coffee or latte. Oh, make that three. Milk that has just had a huge bowl of cereal in it works too. Plain milk? Plain yogurt? Not so much. So, I'm going to have to come up with other ways to Get Milk.
Which points to the larger issue: I have to pay attention to detail. I have now come up with my own version of the 'xchange (in which something that actually costs 3 starches and a fat in the real 'xchange, costs 1 milk in my 'xchange). I have to start paying attention to the details.
Why, if you're losing weight, you ask?
Cuz remember. Not only am I losing weight, I'm decreasing my risk for diabetes.
So I can have babies one day. That's all it's really about, really. The babies.


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