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Monday, January 02, 2006

They're Baack...

So the Weight Watchers commercial is back. They must have gotten alot of business from it last round, and we all know New Years is prime time for weight loss. When I first did WW, I remember the first Friday night after New Years. We went from a... 10 person group of regulars, to about a 40 person group of non-regulars who had made New Years Resolutions. At the time, I was incredibly annoyed. I had been going at this for two months, was sort of making connections (hey, I knew their faces and how they were doing in their weight loss journey) and all these people came, who- I don't know, they were interrupting my space. If you know me well, you know that I am a teeny tiny bit protective of my space. So they all annoyed me.

But I'm starting to understand, I think. I mean- the New Year. It brings something naively hopeful- the promise of new beginnings, a chance to start over, the thought that this time, this year, you can change things. Do it differently. Do it better.

On day two of the new year, I have made just about zero progress on my resolut--- er, goals. I'm blogging, two days in a row, so that's, um, progress. As for the eating and exercising- well, let's just laugh... all together now. I haven't gotten anywhere on the hours for my LCSW thing, cuz well, I haven't been to work (to be fair, today's a legal holiday). And the baby thing, well, that's a distant goal. And to get to it, the eating, exercising and losing weight goals must make some progress.

1 out of 6. Har de har har.


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