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Sunday, February 05, 2006

SuperBowl Sunday

A few weeks ago, I was leaving a client's home. I had just met with a dad. As I was leaving, he said, "Who you pulling for in the Superbowl?" Now, if you're paying attention, I'm working at a newish job, so I really want to get along with people I have to work with, often for a long time, clients included. However, I couldn't even make an answer up. I stood in his cold driveway for a minute, thinking. Racking my brain, trying to come up with a football team, any team. Finally I had to look at him and say, "Um, who's playing?" He told me, the Steelers and Seahawks. I picked a team, and today I have no clue who I said. I think the Steelers. Not sure. Whatever I said, he agreed. So that was good.

In our house, we watch the first hour of the Superbowl. Or so. Actually, when I came home from the movies, the TV was paused (LOVE TiVo). Khalil was sitting at the table grading papers. He was pausing the game and then watching the commercials. But when I wanted to change it at about 7:30, that was ok because he'd seen all the good commercials. He's back to grading and I'm enjoying a Beauty and the Geek 2 Marathon. We're such nerds. To be fair, we did at least get invited to a party this year. So that was nice. We would have gone if the friends we just set up went, but she had a prior Superbowl Party commitment. So we chose to stay home.

Which is cool for two reasons. A, I got to go see Brokeback Mountain. Which was sooooooo good. It was not the most fast-paced movie, but it was intense and sweet. Um, but not intensely sweet. Both my friend Liz and I were crying- not even just sniffling, but crying- by the end. The credits rolled and we just sat there. So. Good. If you aren't offended by gay love scenes, I highly recommend it. B, I'm not feeling well (again?!?!?) so I'm happy for the couch time. Hopefully I'll rest/sleep it off and be fine tomorrow.

One last tangent. I've talked about Fridays before, and how I take them "off" from the 'xchange. Well, my goal this weekend was to stay on the 'xchange starting Saturday. I started Saturday off good- out to breakfast with my dad I had 1/2 of a veggie omelette with cheese, a few hashbrowns, and two mugs of tea. At his house, 1/2 glass of juice. Then I got home. And I was hungry. I tried- for lunch I had rice, then a banana, then later some veggies. And that's about when the weekend started going downhill. It involved an extra slice of banana bread, and two cookies worth of frozen cookie dough. Today it involved movie theater popcorn and fried chinese food. The positive thing that I take from all this is that while I still make mistakes, they seem... not as drastic as before. Before, my mistakes involved 1/2 bag of oreos, or a bag of chips, or several candy bars, or huge bowls of ice cream. Huge servings of food, all the time. I'm not perfect, but I am trying and improving.

Shannon and I are going to come up witha a new wager. We've done this before- most often betting each other an outfit for whoever loses more weight. I won once, and I LOVE the clothes I got- I don't fit in them anymore though. :( Last time we wagered, I gained more weight than I lost. It was sad. This time will be for real.


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