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Thursday, January 19, 2006


In my life, when I'm dieting (I've stopped pretending that it's not dieting. Hopefully it will be dieting which evolves into lifestyle changes, but for now, really, it's still dieting) Fridays are my day "off". Not off completely, no. But I go to Starbucks- I weigh myself on Fridays, and so it's either my reward or my consolation. Yes, I make TONS of sense. Then, cuz I figure I've started off not on, I continue with my day. Usually go out to lunch, and then pizza for dinner. (we've been having Friday night pizza for about three years now. I'm a huge fan of tradition).

While Fridays may seem like a cop-out to you, to me they are dieting sanity. While my goal continues to be to NOT go crazy, even on Fridays, it still is a break. It means I don't have to think about how many milks I've had or how many starches I can't eat. I am going to try and NOT snack- just eat my Starbucks, my healthy lunch, and pizza, and leave it at that. I'm going to use them well.

Cuz if I don't, I'm going to take Fridays away from myself, and that would suck. But you have to earn your rewards. Last week, I didn't take Friday because I had only been back on the 'xchange for two days. However, we did go out to eat and I did my best.

Tomorrow is Friday. I love Fridays.

ALSO tomorrow, Caleb and Ellie, my niece and nephew, come for the weekend. These little guys are my favorite little people ever. My sister told me tonight that Ellie, who is three almost four (GASP!) asked her tonight, "Mommy, what are we going to make at Aunt Paigey's?" Shannon told her she didn't know and Ellie wouldn't let it go.

Because one time they came and we made brownies.

And Flag Cake.

Another time they came and we made Apple Crisp. They loved making it cuz they got to get their hands dirty with the mashing of the butter and ingredients with the apples. They didn't love the finished product, but that's alright. It's really more about the making and the cute pictures than it is about the eating.

This weekend we'll make some fun stuff. I can't wait to see them. Whenever they come and they're not sleeping over, they ask if they're sleeping over. I love that this time they are. Caleb has cried before on days when he's not slept over, and I show him on the calendar how long it will be until he comes back. When I moved home from California, a big piece of it was for the then-boyfriend-now-husband. Another key piece was because I did NOT want to be that aunt you know from far away but you're not really comfortable with. I wanted to be the aunt that knew her niece and nephew backwards and forwards, cuz she was there with them and close enough to do that. I'm still not as close as I'd like to be, we still live two or so hours away. But I get to see them alot, and I treasure that time.

So tomorrow? Will be an extra special Friday. I can't wait.


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are really something else! :)

At 6:19 PM, Anonymous superpaige said...

I've just stumbled upon your blog, and stopped and read, because--
A-my name's Paige, too,
B-I also am trying to lose weight.

So, I just wanted to say hi, Good luck, and I hope you enjoyed your Friday. I myself pretty much took Saturday and today off, but tomorrow it's back on the plan.

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Melissa said...

you should make PIZZA with the kids!

Brian and I started making our own pizza every saturday night once we were married... we buy instead now, but that's cus verona's is simply the best freakin pizza ever. To date, I do believe we've had pizza every saturday night. I'm sure my dr. would love to hear that knowing my cholesterol score (don't worry I cut out the sausage and pepperoni!)

mmmmmm pizza


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