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Friday, February 03, 2006

Today is FRIDAY!!!

Two weeks ago, I weighed in at 213. Or something along those lines.
Last week, after I didn't eat all week because, you know, of the puking, I weighed 214.
This week, I weigh 211. I'm pretty excited. :)

I like watching the scale go down (never mind the weird 214 blip, which my friend described as "my body hanging on for dear life". Seeing the scale goes down gives me hope and gives me motivation. It means that this is working, and that it makes sense to continue on.

So continue on I will. Today IS Friday, so I'll continue to make good choices but will take it easy.

On a weird sidenote- there's a 37 year old woman on TV who is married to and 8 months pregnant by a 14 year old boy. She's telling everyone that she was led on (she thought he was seventeen. That makes a BIG difference, youknow???). But now she's in love and married and hopes she's not going to prison.

What do I say? That's sick. She was looking for someone to dominate and he's looking for a mommy. (Coincidence he was raised by his grandma? I think not. Coincidence she's waxing poetic about how he listens to everything she says??? I think not.) Sick sick sick.


At 4:18 PM, Blogger melissa said...

CONGRATS on 3 pounds! That's awesome :-)


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