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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fast Food

Today we were hungry for lunch. So I said, I'll get a salad! I can do this! Yes. I can.

We went to Wendy's. I got the Southwest Taco Salad, and then instead of their sour cream I used my fat free sour cream. Switched their ranch for a reduced fat ranch. Pulled all the beans out (cuz I hate beans). Anyways. Overall, the salad tasted yummy. As I said to Khalil, "I could have done better, but I definately could have done worse.

Here's the problem. I posted onto Sparkpeople the salad, etc. And looked at my calories for the day. Yes, I can do ok for the day. I won't be completely within my exchanges, but close. I'll be pretty well in my calories.

As long as I don't eat any thing else, until dinner. No fruit and veggie snacks for me. I'd do even better if I skipped my milk at dinner (I won't).

The overall message is this. Yup, I can eat fast food once in a while. No, it's not the end of the world. Yes, I pay for it by not being able to eat the healthy calories in my diet.

This is why I like my 'xchange. No, there's not alot of room for fast food salads. If I was doing something with more flexibility, I know that I would not eat nearly as much fruits, wouldn't be drinking milk, etc. My choices would be much, much different on a daily basis. I need structure. That's how I do best.


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