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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Back to the gym, hi ho hi ho

So this week has been good. I went to two (count them, TWO) classes, and that's just SO FAR!! I went to a yoga class I LOVED. Yesterday I was feeling shitty (allergies, smallergies) and my body just hurt from the two whole days in a row that I made it work hard. So I took the day off. Today I'm still not feeling 100% so I decided to skip the ass-kicking class and move right on to the elliptihell. (no, that's not a typo). However, this time I discovered the magazine rack. Granted, it's full of parenting, Golf Weekly, and very old Shape, no good smut like US Weekly or People or even a Time for God's sake, but I made do with a Parenting. And while I am not a parent, my 30 minutes on the Elliptihell went by much faster while schooling myself on the proper dos and don'ts of napping, how to make time for myself as a new mom (that will be useful at some point in my life), and the debate on whether or not infants should watch TV. Really, though, it flew by. After some sit ups and leg crunches, I was on my way.

New gym pet peeve? Skinny people. Mostly the anorexic looking ones. But also the healthy skinny people. Where's the fat people gym? I want to go there!! But, alas, one day I will also be the healthy looking people, and all will be well with the world. :)

I want to send out a special thanks to my friend who is my CT weight loss buddy for giving me a swift kick and telling me "get thee back to the gym, woman!!" I needed it.


At 5:17 PM, Blogger Annie said...

Hey Paige, it's Lauren.

My theory on skinny women at the gym? They should eat more cake. :-)

Or just get stuffed in a locker.


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