Less of Paige

Monday, September 12, 2005

Bad, bad blogger, and then some.

When I started my blog, I was going to be a good blogger. Someone with funny, touching, or just mundane posts- EVERY day.

Turns out, I'm not a good blogger. Some of my posts are really mundane, few are funny, and they don't happen every day. Good intentions pave... well, anyways. I'm going to try to be better. Does two posts in one day make up for it??

Have you ever hated the people in your exercise class? I have. There were three in particular. One was this girl- probably pretty close to my age. She was so fit- she looked almost exactly how I wanted to look. And she even knew all the steps. Ugh. So annoying. And when Karen, the instructor, said, "You can do the hop" or " You can do the turn if you want it higher impact", she did the hops and turns. I was just trying to keep up. The other girl was the veryveryvery skinny girl. In a white tank top and little red shorts. And she was so cute. And there I was in my dumpy full length workout pants and baggy t-shirt. I could NOT have felt any huger. And where do I choose to work out? Next to the skinny girl. Just so that in case anyone wondered- she was the skinny girl in class, and I was the fat girl. Yippee. Lastly, there was this other woman. She looked very in shape. And she had these curls, maybe chin length. And then what does she do? She puts a bandana in her hair- like in the middle of the curls. So there's like: curls, bandana, curls. I can't explain it here. But it was horrid. AND she did all the extra stuff too, with extra bounce. I hated her.
I didn't want to die as much in class today. Only a few times. The instructor, Karen, was really nice. She introduced herself to me before class and while I only told her my name, there were several comments forthcoming but I bit my tongue. For posterity sake, they were: "Hi, I'm Paige. I'll be the one fainted in the corner. Please continue class and just wake me up when you're done". Also, "Hi, I'm Paige. I know you said you wanted heavy weights, and every time you said heavy, you looked at my five pounders, but for me these are REALLY HEAVY. I struggle with the three pounds guys. So could you leave me alone about my weights?" And lastly, simply, "Hi, I'm Paige. Also known as very-out-of-shape, please bear with me. I promise to keep trying and get better". But I stopped at Hi, I'm Paige cuz well she doesn't really know me well and see not everyone gets my sense of humor. I know, you're SHOCKED. Also, Karen had this incredibly contagious smile. She was nice. The point- I went back!! Go me!!

One last thing I really want to say. I really, really, really love my husband. I love being married to that man more than I can put into meaningful words here. What does this have to do with everything else? Only a little, but that's small. But it's important to me, so it goes here. He is very, very good to me and to us. He's patient, incredibly supportive, he communicates with me, he... well, he's my bestest friend ever and I'm so lucky I get to be in love with him.

I'll leave you on that cheezy note. Smooches to all of you (remind me to tell you a cute story about smooches)...


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