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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Me 'n Billy

Oy. That Billy. He's, um, crazy? Psychotic? One of those weird people who likes exercise that I'll never understand. I think I'll go with the latter, it's the least judgemental.

I did spend my 55 minutes with Billy and the "Boot Camp Gang" (I kid you not) this morning. It was, um, fun? No that's not right. Invigorating? Um, still not quite there. Tiring? Yup, yes, that would be the appropriate adjective.

In Billy Blanks Basic Boot Camp you're supposed to have Billy Bands (what's with all the B's??). I don't own Billy Bands because I have to earn the right to buy more exercise equipment by actually exercising consistently. But! You can do the program without Billy Bands. thank God. Because I think I might have keeled over had there been Billy Bands involved.

For those of you not familiar with Billy and his bands, the bands are these stretchy things. They're probably four feet long. You hook them onto your feet (I guess you'd be wearing sneakers, like they do in the video) and hold on to the handles with your, um, hands. Then you do exercises like arm lifts, and kicks, and other crazy things. They look to me like crazy torture devices. And the really really buff chick? She even grunted when using them. So I know I'm not ready yet. There was one other girl not using them, and ironically she was the only one not sweating. I still sweated, in case you were wondering. (Is sweated a word?)

I have decided two things. Actually, it's a three step plan involving Billy. Step one: Get decent at Basic Boot Camp sans Billy Bands. Step Two: Add Bands. Step Three: Be able to do Basic with the Bands. Step four (whoops I guess this is more than three steps. Sorry.): Graduate to Ultimate Boot Camp without Bands. Step five: Complete Ultimate Boot Camp WITH bands. By then I'll be SO buff. No one will recognize me.

So remember the buff girl on the video? When Billy had us do twists, you could see her abs twisting. It was beautiful and scary all at the same time. I want abs like that, but first I want to feel my abs.

Speaking of um, so I got on the scale tonight, and was up 2 pounds from Friday. WTF?? Could it be the french fries I ate today? Could it be the Chinese food? The small pizza from Saturday? UGH. Pray a small miaracle happens between tonight and Friday morning. I can't take another gain.


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