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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Lovely Valentine

My husband and I met in the summer of 1998. Although, technically, that's not the first time we "met". When we graduated from (different) high school, we had mutual friends. I went with these mutual friends (one of whom was my boyfriend) to my husband's high school graduation party at his house. Many questions were asked before about whether or not it was ok for me to go to a party when the Honoree didn't know me. I didn't know my husband back then. It was fine. I didn't know many people at the party, and I didn't feel well. There was (for some reason) a reclining chair on the driveway, where people were dancing and hanging out (we were in high school, remember). I didn't feel well, and so I spent most of the night on the chair. I left early and drove home and went to bed. My husband remembers another time we met, at another party, but you'd have to ask him about that.
Anyway, so we met officially through the same mutual friends. I had broken up with my boyfriend and also learned that he had been cheating on me. My trust in anyone of the male gender was- to put it mildly- not high. We all hung out (we went to the movies, I think) and after that he asked for my number. We had fun talking. He called when he said he would. Something I wasn't used to.
That was the very, very first thing that attracted me to my husband: he called when he said he would. It set a tone for the rest of our relationship.
It would be several years of friendship before we quit denying the mutual attraction. We were very good friends and saw each other through romances and some loneliness. He, as my friend, walked me step by step through some of the darkest times in my life. We got jealous of said romances and hid those feelings. At the very beginning we went on a "date" and talked about all the reasons why we couldn't date.
Fast forward two years. I had transferred schools to one in California (we both lived on the East coast) and I was home for the summer. We were inseperable. His mom commented about how we were together all the time. I was working at two jobs and we spent all the rest of our time together. He used to come see me at Applebees and he liked to witness and make fun of my mistakes.
On June 25, we got over ourselves and kissed, for the first time. Our first kiss. It followed a night of a 10pm dinner at Denny's (I was late babysitting) and lots of flirting. While the earth didn't move, something shifted inside of me, between us. Something that, while we tried a couple of times to go backwards, would never let us move backwards.
There were lots of rules. (set up by yours truly, the control freak). We were not serious. This was not going to last. I was going back to California and didn't want to do long distance. I was so, so scared. Something inside of me sensed how big this was between us and I wasn't ready, I was scared. He spent the next few years trying to be patient, while I pushed him away and tried to pull him back. We fought alot. We spent many, many long hours on the phone. Everytime we got together in person, the connection was there, undeniable.
People on the outside didn't get it. All they saw was us fighting. They didn't like how he treated me- we fought too much. They didn't see what was really going on. I was fighting against what was there, and he was trying to stay sane. I broke up with him two times in that period.
Then we got together "for good". I realized what I already knew. I moved back to New England (my family is all here as well). He came and picked me up, much in the same way he had brought me to California and dropped me off. We fought the whole. way. home. I was scared- this whole time we had been "long distance". I'd never really had a serious boyfriend in "Hi honey, wanna come over?" range. I was, again, scared to death. I broke up with him again, but this time it lasted, like, a night.
After that, the games were up. Over. Finis. I knew we'd get married. In the years we spent as best friends and as a fighting long distance couple, we had seen each other through some very serious drama, and difficult times in our lives. Our friendship built a very strong foundation for what has become a very strong relationship. And we did, we got married. I got to marry my best friend, just like that cheesy quote.

This boy I fell in love with? He has his quirks. He loves comics and action figures. He is so smart. He loves cooking (good thing). He grocery shops and does laundry. He hates vegetables. He's great with kids. He's quiet until he's comfortable, then it can be hard to get a word in edgewise. He loves movies. He can be sarcastic and funny.

My husband- he is my heart and soul. He gets me like no one else does. He treats me like a Queen, but not in a demeaning way. We're partners in life. We respect each other immensely. He protects and cares for me. He listens to me, even when I think he's not. When I'm upset and can't figure out why, he's patient. He puts up with my constant tears- from "I don't know what to eat" to a TV show to "I'm losing a friend". He deals with my mood swings like a champ. I have more fun with him than I do with. anyone. else. period. He doesn't put up with my bullshit, and I love having someone who can be around to challenge me. We belong together. He's my best friend, my lover, and my soulmate. I am so blessed. No words are enough.

Happy Valentine's Day, Khalil. I love you with all of my heart.


At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about me? i thought you had the most fun with your most wonderful sister, Im hurt!!


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