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Sunday, February 12, 2006

We are Winter's Bitch

In New England, where I live, it has been the mildest winter ever. Typically in January and February the temperatures are in the teens to thirties. If we hit high thirties, we're lucky. It usually snows at least every week. You can always see your breath. This year has been so weird. It's been in the forties, and sometimes, even in the fifties. If you say it's cold at 41 degrees, people say things like, "Well for February 1st..." Like the date changes how 40 degrees feels. Just because it's supposed to be 22 degrees, and we're used to 22 degrees, doesn't make 40 degrees any warmer. No, but really, I've said, "Wow, it's beautiful out" more than I can ever remember saying in January and February ever, except for when I lived in California. (In CA, 40 degrees really is cold.)

Well, until today. Today Winter laughed in our faces and said "Ha haaaaaaaa! I was just saving it all up! You all got comfortable in your spring jackets and started eyeing your capris (which I don't own, but that's a story you'll hear about in a few months), you FOOLS!!"
She made us her bitch. She laughed in our face. And then she gave us all of winter's snow. In one day.

The Evidence:
These are our cars. License plates have been blurred to protect the innocent. Oh, wait. Nope, that's snow.


The view from our back porch. That's our grill. Well taken care of, I know.

Khalil, who is thrilled to be out shoveling. I was going to help, but we only have one shovel. He sent me back inside. So, so sad.

See? Winter made us her bitch. In one day.

Edited to Add:

I HATE putting pictures up. I love having them, but it completely stresses me out to get them up. It takes me forever. And if anyone offers the helpful advice of, just click on the button and c/p the pic in, well, just don't offer that advice. Mmmmmmk? It just stresses me out. And takes me forever.


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