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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Dreaded E-Word

Yes. This blog? Is all about weight loss. Early in the blog, there are some posts about me going to the gym. As you can see, that didn't, um, last very long. Turns out I didn't really love the classes and I didn't like changing at the gym, it seemed dirty, and I got bored as hell on the elliptihell. Sooo I kind of stopped going, then when I switched jobs we moved far far away from the gym and *phew* that was a good excuse to quit the gym. Because, see, I hate exercise. Hate. Exercise. Sometimes I feel better when exercising, and that keeps me going for several months, however I often get a cold or go away or sneeze and that stops the flow. Then it takes me a year and fifty pounds to go back. At least I'm not the only one who hates it. I don't feel so alone.

But remember January? When I made thenon-resolutions? I believe (I'd have to check) that one of those non-resolutions involved exercise. (The first one? Great.) I had to decide what to do. I decided to use the exercise videos I already have and buy a few more. This way I'd have some variety- see I hate exercise and will use any excuse to not do it, including me being bored. So I'm trying to avoid any available excuses. This way, once I start, I'll keep going! Really! I will!

Then it took me approximately two and a half months to muster up any kind of motivation to exercise. Um, a five pound weight gain in one week combined with me and my weight loss buddy's declaration of "Must exercise on Monday! NO excuses!" got me in front of the TV.

My cat, Rory, she was around to supervise. Which meant that while my video was on, she sat in the middle of the floor exactly where my feet were supposed to be dancing. She made it fun. Ha haha! Did I just say fun? In reference to exercise? I was talking about the cat, not the exercise. The only thing I remotely like that involves sweat is yoga. Well, that you can technically call exercise, anyway. Ahem. Moving on.

I put the video in, and lo! I did complete it. It was 35 minutes long and I didn't actually sweat too much. Good thing, I have sensitive skin. Plus, I really, really hate exercising.

And I have a plan for tomorrow. It involves the early morning (once I come home at night, no matter what time (on Sunday it was 2pm and sorry for the parentheses in parentheses) I head straight for my pajamas and the couch. The most exerting thing I do at night is unload the dishwasher. ) So exercise at night is not an option. Anyway, now I'm all confused by the parentheses, and I bet you are too. Where were we? Oh! The plan: early morning, my cute (read: tight and not fit for public viewing) exercise clothes, and my cat. oh! And a new DVD. This time we're trying Billy Blanks Basic Boot Camp. Sans the billy bands. It's longer- 55 minutes, and from my other experiences with Billy Blanks (I used to have Tae Bo) it will involve lots of sweat. Wish me luck.

If you don't hear from me soon, I've collapsed in a puddle of sweat on the living room floor with my cat. It may be a while before I can walk again. We'll see. If I can, I'll let you know.


At 8:14 PM, Blogger Mom2the5rs said...

Paige, I linked to your site from The Big Yellow House. I started a weight loss blog, too. I am inviting women (or men if they dare) to join the blog. You can check it out and let me know if you want to participate. BTW, I just weighed myself to day and I met one of my biggest goals...to leave the 200's in the dust forever. I am now 199. I am probably the happiest woman at that particular weight in the world. Ha! I have a ways to go, we all do. Come check out the site: www.julieatethis.blogspot.com

At 6:54 AM, Blogger melissa said...

Go Paige! I like exercise actually, but I HATE the cardio stuff. I like that you call it the eliptihell. I use one of those 3 times a week but I can't stand to be on it more than 15 minutes. Sometimes, if I'm super motivated, I can do 17 minutes. but I usually quit at 15. I only do it because I know I'm supposed to.

The most fun cardio I ever did was at a friend's gym. It was a hip-hop dance class and it was fun, even though I'm not the hip-hop type. I'm never been so aware of my suburban-ness. At the end of the class they turn off the lights (you can still see, it's kind of club-like) so that you don't feel embarrassed to go all out.


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