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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Pain, No Gain

I heard that somewhere stupid the other day- probably MTV. But it's sosososo true. I can't make progress if I don't want to do the work for the progress. Weight loss is not a passive activity. It involves a thousand choices a day. To exercise, or not? To park far away, or not? Choose a healthy place to eat, or Friendly's? Eat the veggies, or not? Drink the water, or not? And on, and on, and on.

I've made some good and some bad lately. Sunday night a friend brought us Dairy Queen for dinner. I LOVE DQ. I had my whole blizzard. It was, um, alot of calories.
Monday night a client wanted to eat a Friendly's. I decided that was my "bad" meal of the week and boy did I go all out. I had buffalo chicken strips, fries, and a peanut butter cup sundae. I didn't finish it, but that's little consolation. I did not feel good Monday night.

But there's some good. For two full days I have drank 9 glasses of water each day. That's HUGE for me. HUGE. I don't really like water (i know, but still), and it makes me pee, but I'm figuring this stuff out. Also, I've now exercised three days in a row. No, make that four, I walked on Sunday. Did the Firm Monday and this morning, and yoga booty ballet yesterday. It feels goooooood to take care of me. Go me.

I'm fully planning to keep up the good work. Because? No Pain, No Gain.


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