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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ultimate Couch Potato

So....... I've spent the last two days with my ass plastered to the couch. Yes, please, call me a couch potato. There IS a goal, though. A reason outside of laziness. While I was under the impression that my general overall feeling of feeling like crap was allergies, my best friend called on Friday.
J- Have you guys been sick?
Me- Yup.
J- ooooooh.
Me- Why?
J- Well, we've all been sick all week.
Me- With what (I'm now thinking, was this actually NOT allergies?)
J- You know, a sore throat, a cold, cough, etc.
Me- Yeah. We've been sick.

Turns out we think her four year old brought him home from preschool and shared it with all of us but didn't bother to get it herself. Remember those smooches? Yeah... great...Now, I know you're thinking, "this girl doesn't know the difference between allergies and a cold?" I don't. About two years ago I went to the MD after having a sore throat for about a month. She told me it was pnd from allergies. OOhhhhhhh. That's why I get this every year. So my guess is that the cold started it but I'll have a sore throat for a while. :( To bring me to my point - i know, i know, finally- I stayed on the couch to try and eliminate the cold. I think it's working. :)

So by the end of last week I did two classes and two days of the elliptihell. I bought a book that's only for elliptihell reading. So that's for when I can't do a class. This week my schedule is all over the place so I'm going to have to work really hard at getting to the gym. Ugh. I'm going to work on it though.

One thing I've been thinking about this weekend: how weight affects self-esteem, and how that then affects every aspect of my life. So basically, my weight affects every aspect of my life. Good reason to get it under control, no? I think so, too.

OMG. I swear I almost just hit publish post and forgot- I LOST 1.5 pounds this week!! GO me!! from 214 to 212.5!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm practically skin and bones, ha ha ha...


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