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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Cat? She always wins.

As I type this, my kitten (who cannot be technically called a kitten for much longer, but to me she'll always be my kitten, I am SUCH A SAP) is sprawled across my chest. Purring. And she is also sopping wet.
Wet, you ask??
Why yes, wet. As in, covered in water.
Why, you ask??

Because she insisted on winning.

Tonight while we were eating dinner she climbed up one of the upper cabinets in our kitchen to the ledge above. As Khalil was saying, "Rory! Get Down!" I was saying, "Quick! Get the Camera!" (we have different philosophies about what is and is not cute regarding Rory's behaviors.)
As I was scrambling to get the camera, she jumped onto the ledge above the cabinets. I should describe. This is a set of free standing cabinets, above the stove. There are four cabinets. There are windows on both side- well, a small window on one side, the ledge of which she used to use to climb up that high, and the sliding glass doors on the other side with ugly mauve blinds (hopefully the blinds are being banished soon.) So. We use a water bottle to try and *insert hysterical laughter* get Rory to listen to us. Ha ha ha. This kitten does what she wants, when she wants. So Khalil gets the water bottle and I start yelling, cuz she's still not good about getting down from this particular ledge. I didn't want her to jump down. That's a good six feet. Maybe seven? I don't know.
He sprays her from one end.
She runs to the other.
He sprays her on there to try and get her to jump to the window ledge.
She runs back towards the doors.
They go back and forth at least ten times.
I have now dissolved into hysterical laughter because he's expressing his frustration with not being able to make her do what he wants, dammit.
He eventually got her down. But now she's asleep on me and smells more like wet puppy than cute kitten.
She won though. She got down when she was good and ready.


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