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Friday, October 28, 2005

Every Day, Something New

I learned lots of new things lately:

Weight: I CAN lose it. I knew this, but forgot it. I can also be disciplined. And God Almighty, what an awesome feeling THAT is. Sounds crazy, but it's true. To feel... in control again. I've been doing so good with the diabetic exchanges, and I'm *wait* -sit down- enjoying it. I feel healthier and better.

Exercise: See: Weight. The opposite of that. All of it.

My husband: I'm going to learn new things about him. All the time. Funny thing is, that sometimes you forget that. Sometimes you feel like you know someone... just so well. And I do, but I like finding things out about him that I didn't know. LIke, for instance, he's a huge baby about the cold. Huge. Baby. He hates it. It makes him crabby and complainy. Now, I don't love the cold. And if I'm cold, you'll hear me groaning about it as much as the next person. But, see, I'm ALWAYS cold. So we know this about me (thanks mom). Khalil, he's not so always cold. In fact, I'm the one blasting the heat in the car, in the apartment (well, not yet but that's not the point), etc. He's the one turning it down, yelling at me, telling me it's not cold.
Turns out he was just dressed warmer and has a high tolerance for cold. But once he's cold, watch out. You'll get a space heater in your room. And, secretly, you'll love it.

My kitten: We got her declawed a week and a half ago. And the torture has been far worse for me than it was for her. I cried the entire week she was gone. Then she came home, and I cried some more. Because we had to keep her from jumping and hurting herself, so we had to keep her in a room, in a crate when we were gone, etc. Horrible. So I'd get up early to have time to take her out and snuggle with her. And I'll stay up late to calm her down. And I'll love her, love her, love her. To the point that the afore-mentioned husband thinks I'm insane. Oh well. :)

Friends: When I get upset (see: My Kitten) I get anti-social. So, everyone, sorry if I haven't called. I hope you'll forgive me.

Next week starts the exercising again. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me.


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