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Thursday, October 20, 2005

And I tried so hard....

So today was my second first day on the Diabetic Exchange Diet. And I did really, really good all day long.

I should preface this by telling you that with some shining exceptions, I've had a terrible week. I had to bring my teeny tiny, trusting kitten to the vet, knowing full well they were going to poke her and cut her open and do all sorts of horrible things to her. I have cried every day this week. (Please. I know that it's pathetic, but she is my baby and I am sad. Leave me the hell alone.) So my husband went grocery shopping tonight and decided to make me a yummy, yummy dinner. And, well, who am I to disappoint him? So, I will eat the yummy dinner. But I will eat the cheese and bread crumb and some kind of soup or sauce smothered chicken. I will, you know, choke down one of my favorite dinners. My goal, however, is to eat in moderation. And not go crazy with everything else all night just cuz of dinner. And not go crazy with the ice cream later just cuz I already blew the night with dinner. THAT is my plan. Back me up, people.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is another day. It is. Granted it is another day that I will want to have cheese-smothered-chicken for leftovers, but we'll see.

Question: what do you do when you are avoiding being upset? I do one of two things: I either melt into the couch, or I clean. Last night, my husband asked me what I was going to do when I ran out of things to clean. Well, the way we live that will never happen but that's besides the point. Tonight, however, is a melting into the couch night. I'm sooo tireeed from all the cleaning and crying and staying up late because I don't want to go to sleep for whatever stupid reason. Sooo tired.


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