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Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Friday

*Inspired by my ladies*

Things to be Happy about Friday:
~My kitten is coming home tomorrow. Safe and sound.
~Even though we're not using it, we have heat. If we weren't cheap (broke) we could use it.
~I have an absolutely incredible husband.
~Even if it's not my favorite, I. Have. A. Job. Not everyone is that lucky.
~I have a great MIL. She may get on my nerves and make mistakes sometimes, but who doesn't? And she is just so so good for us.
~Back in the whatever-century in Greece or some such ancient country, rolls of fat were signs of health and wealth. While they're not signs of health anymore- at least I have enough to eat. Often too much. ;)
~I have good, good friends. That spend all day with a quiet, teary me to keep my mind of my kitten. Good friends.
~Fall is here!! I love fall!! My fingers may be freezing, but the air is crisp, I can see my breath in the morning, the leaves are changing, my favorite smell turns from freshly cut grass to the smell of a fire in the distance and the smell of the crisp leaves on the ground. I love seeing the carved pumpkins, the fall displays, halloween decorations, and the pretty pretty trees. I love apple cider and apple butter. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie. Apple crisp. Cider donuts. (I looooooove me some fall, can you tell?)

** what are you happy about on Friday?**


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At 4:54 PM, Blogger Paige said...

Yeah. I usually delete the spam comments, but this one was just too, too funny and hey, let's be honest. Not like people are fighting for space in my comments section. ;)

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At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Mabel said...

The glorious fact that it's Friday. And Margaritas.

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